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Preventative Maintenance can help limit downtime. Contact us today to set up a one time evaluation or arrange regularly scheduled inspections to check the condition of your machinery.


Restorative Maintenance keeps your machines running at maximum efficiency. Our Tech Service Department can advise replacement of wear parts and recommend improvements and/or upgrades. Parts may also be sent in for an estimate of repair/reconditioning.


We also offer Operational & Maintenance Training for new employees and refresher courses for experienced technicians. We will provide your team specialized training on your Cozzoli and MRM/Elgin machinery.


Parts & Maintenance Program

Contact our Customer Service Department today at (732) 564-0400 or email

Get your Cozzoli and MRM machines in peak condition. Our Customer Service Department can schedule performance evaluations and can help you get the best deals on the most commonly used machine parts.


• Preventative maintenance with one time evaluation or regular scheduled inspections

• Restorative maintenance including improvements, upgrades, wear part replacement and parts repair or re-conditioning

• Operational & maintenance training for new employees and refresher courses for experienced technicians


Call us today and get your Cozzoli and MRM machines running with maximum performance!

Cozzoli Parts & Service

Contact Customer Service:

Tel: (732) 564-0400

Fax: (732) 564-9813


For an Emergency:

Call (732) 564-0400 and follow the instructions.

Take advantage of any or all parts of this program by contacting our Customer Service Department at 732-564-0400 or

Refurbishment Program

Refurbishment: A way to recondition an outdated machine, restoring it to optimum performance at a fraction of the cost and time of purchasing a new machine. We can perform small retrofits through whole overhauls either at your location or in our state of the art 100,000 sq. ft. facility.


For a consultation on your machine project contact us at 732-564-0400 or

Call us at:

(732) 564-0400

Get answers to your questions about machines from the Tech Support Team!

Mario Della Fortuna, Customer & Technical Service Manager

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