Cozzoli at Pack Expo


Featured machines included the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the FPS2-SS Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine, and the Versa Fil Time Pressure Filler. We also showed tabletop equipment including our F400X single piston liquid filler and the PF2IS powder filler, configured for use in an isolator.

Cozzoli at Pack Expo

Thank you for visiting our booth at Pack Expo, we hope you had a tremendous show! Cozzoli Machine Company exhibited our latest filling & closing technology.

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Amazing Packaging Race

Cozzoli is a proud sponsor for The Amazing Packaging Race. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

Machines we  exhibited:

Accommodates a wide range of containers and products of most viscosities at high production speeds of 600+ per minute. Overhead driven pistons feature fine fill piston adjustment,  ±0.5% fill accuracy. Easy cleaning and changeover. Read more

A high-speed rotary time/pressure filler suited to filling heavy viscosity food products like mayonnaise, peanut butter and relish as well as lighter products. Read more


A high performance machine designed for processing vials in areas with limited space. Designed to fill liquids or powders, then stopper or cap containers at speeds up to 50 vials per minute, with a range of vial sizes from 1ml to 100ml. Read more

Designed for the highest level of accuracy, repeatability and easy cleaning. Configured for use in an isolator. Read more.

The FSC50 Filling & Screw Capping Machine is a compact; single indexing, intermittent motion machine which will feed, fill, and screw cap. The unit is easy to set up and operate. Read more


Our lab, pilot and small production equipment puts traditional Cozzoli precision on the table-top, in compact designs that are easy to set up, operate, clean and sterilize.

Lab Equipment:

Your machine for filling liquids at low production rates with high accuracy. Read more.

Provides uniform tightening of container caps up to 95mm in diameter and provides gentle cap handling. This machine is ideal for lab use.

Designed to provide accurate economical filling of viscous products for lab work and small scale filling operations. Read more

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