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RPF rotary piston filler with capper for honey

Rotary Monoblock


All rotary fillers can be combined for filling and capping in a monoblock design providing you with a compact, space-saving, and cost-efficient combination that is easy to operate, change over, and maintain.

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RPF Rotary piston filler with capper for honey
RPF Rotary piston filler with capper for honey

RPF Rotary Piston Filler, Monoblocked with Automatic Capping Turret


The Rotary Piston Filler is a reliable, high performance machine that can readily accommodate a wide range of container sizes and product viscosities.

Each machine is custom designed for your specific packaging requirements. High precision machining of our cylinders, pistons and nozzles allows each machine to achieve a fill accuracy of plus or minus one half of one percent by volume. The changeover between container sizes and products is easily accomplished through no-tool changeparts and quick-change nozzles, along with optional quick-change cylinders.


Monoblocking includes upgrade of machine drive package to accommodate capping unit, single control console interface, frame/shroud/perimeter trough extension and full electronics package

MRM/Elgin Monoblock

RPF Rotary Piston Filler with Capper

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