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Cozzoli's RPF Rotary Piston Filler on the Science Channel show, How It's Made!

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Our expertise is liquid filling technology, capping and accessory equipment custom designed to your specifications – either as a single unit or multifaceted turnkey operation with total line responsibility.


Whether it’s volumetric, fill-to-level, or time/pressure filling, MRM/Elgin has the right machine for you. Our rotary and in-line fillers readily handle an array of products of various viscosities and different size containers measuring from fractional ounces to five gallon units.

Bench Model Single Valve

+ Mini Bench Model

RPF Rotary Piston Filler

IPF Inline Piston Filler

IFL Inline Fill to Level

RFL Rotary Fill to Level

Versa Fil Rotary Time Pressure


Complete Lines


Bench Model Single Valve RFL Rotary Fill to Level RPF Inline Piston Filler Versa Fil Rotary Time Pressure Filler MRM/Elgin Complete Lines MRM/Elgin Monoblock

MRM/Elgin Filling Equipment

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