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A Message from Joan Cozzoli Rooney

Dear Customers and Friends:


Welcome to our website. We are delighted that you have shown interest in Cozzoli Machine Company.


From its modest beginnings in Plainfield NJ, Cozzoli Machine Company was a place of innovation and Message from the Presidentgrowth, quickly becoming the first name pharmaceutical companies thought of when they had a filling need. Cozzoli was established as a company that listened to its customers, and understood and cared about their needs. In keeping with those needs and values, Cozzoli created viable and innovative solutions. Not only did Cozzoli create faster, more precise and reliable machines, but they were durable machines that we stood behind with exceptional customer and technical service.  Here at Cozzoli we proudly continue this tradition.  We listen, we relate, we innovate—but, above all, we care.


As we continue to grow and expand our capabilities, which now include state-of-the-art cleaning, filling and closing technology for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and personal care, food, beverage, dairy, chemical, paint and industrial products, we aspire not only to live up to our celebrated origins but to surpass them.  As head of our new leadership team, I am committed to ensuring that we produce equipment that only we would buy, like my forefathers, I care not only about the quality of our products but about the individuals who create them, use them and are affected by their use.  Now, more than ever, my team is committed to using the information we glean from our customers to anticipate their future needs. We believe that by giving our customers more than they could expect or even imagine we are making a significant and positive contribution to the world. We stand united in realizing this vision.


We look forward to becoming trusted partners and collaborating with you on your next project.


Best wishes,


Joan Cozzoli Rooney


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