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Air Cleaners

RA16 Rotary Air Cleaner


This is a reliable, high performance machine developed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry for dust and lint free containers. This model uses a rotary carrier, equipped with supporting means around the outside of the containers and a packless rotary selector valve. Comes fully equipped with necessary fillings for connections to compressed air and vacuum lines.

VRA Series In Line Air Cleaner


This is an automated in-line air cleaner equipped with combination air/vacuum nozzles that operate simultaneously, assuring that particles found within the container will be vacuumed out as they are loosened.

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RW16 Series


The RW16 Series are continuous motion, semi-automatic rotary washers, providing up to eight individual internal washes and continuous external wash. All liquid contact parts are fabricated of corrosion resistant materials. Output is up to 3000 containers/hour.

RW16 Series rotary washer
W102 Washer
LHR4 Manual rotary washer

LHR4 Manual Rotary Washer


Functions:  washer

Container movement:  manual

Containers handled:  ampules, vials, bottles

Production output:  up to 750 containers/hour (approx.)

 Speeds and simplifies the task of cleaning ampules, vials, bottles and other containers. For use in sink or drain basin.

W102 Washer


This washing machine provides 3 internal washing stations. Each solenoid valve controlled station is manually selected by means of its own foot switch. The machine can be set up to wash 2 to 12 containers at a time.


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