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MVP Vacuum Stopperer
HS1 Ampule & Tube Sealer

HS1 Ampule and Tube Hand Sealer


Functions: tip seal, pull seal

Container movement: manual

Closures: ampules, tubes

Prod. output: up to 800 containers/hour


 An efficient way to seal filled ampules or straight wall tubes. This machine will efficiently tip or pull seal ampules or tubes, and is ideal for lab or limited production facilities.

SC50T Screw Capping


Functions: screw caps, aluminum crimp seal

Container movement: manual

Closure sizes: up to 95mm diameter

Closures: screw caps, dropper assembly, aluminum caps

Production output: up to 50 containers/minute


Provides uniform tightening of container caps up to 95mm in diameter and provides gentle cap handling. This machine is ideal for lab use.

PS Series Plug Sealing

PS Series Plug Sealing


Functions: seats closures

Container movement: manual

Speed: up to 30 containers/minute depending on operator


Designed to seat plugs, caps and other forms of "snap-in" or "press-on" closures that have been placed upon open containers.

RS100 Vial Stoppering Machine


This stoppering machine is a compact table-topRS100 Vial Stoppering Machine model designed for full stopper insertion. Equipped with centering guides to aid with vial alignment. No change parts needed and is ideal for use under a sterile hood. It can also be mounted on various Cozzoli machines to provide automatic in-line stoppering. Production rates of up to 60 containers a minute are attainable depending on operator adeptness.

PS10T Vial Stoppering Machine


This stoppering machine is designed toPS10T Vial Stoppering Machine provide simple and effective placement of stoppers.

Also available as inline machine for automatic stoppering on Cozzoli VR model machines.

MVP Vacuum Stopperer


Functions: inserts closures into filled containers

Container movement: manual

Closures: stoppers, plungers, plugs

Production output: up to 100 containers/minute


This vacuum stoppering unit efficiently inserts stoppers, plungers or plugs into multiple filled syringes.

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Lab/Tabletop Semi-Automatic Closing

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