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Cozzoli Machine Company was founded in 1919 by Frank J. Cozzoli, Sr. Originally named Modern Plainfield, NJ locationMachine & Tool Company, the operation was located in Plainfield, New Jersey, in a building approximately 1,200 square feet. Today the Company is established in a 100,000 square foot facility in Somerset, New Jersey.


Beginning as a machine shop specializing in tool and die and general machine jobbing work, the Company began designing special processing machinery for engineering and manufacturing companies. The Company also began developing its own machinery for consumer use. One machine was a specialized automatic fruit press that won a gold medal at the international exposition in Brussels in 1926. Another was the "Thoroburn", a rotary, centrifical, gravity feed oil burner that was known for its economical fuel oil consumption.


During the Great Depression, Frank Cozzoli's son, Joseph M. Cozzoli, joined his father to help keep the Company afloat during those very difficult times. In the mid 1930's, a pharmaceutical company asked CMC to design a semiautomatic filling machine to fill medicinals into ampules and  vials. The machine had to fill very accurately and the product contact parts needed to be high grade stainless steel forCozzoli Ampseal Machine sterilization. After several months of development, the machine was completed, approved and placed into production. This was Cozzoli's first step toward becoming a provider for the packaging machine industry. The design of complementary equipment expanded the original 15 container per minute filling capability to today's fully automatic production lines with speeds of more than 500 containers per minute.


As sales grew throughout the world, many users began referring to the machines as "Cozzoli" machines; therefore, in 1955 the  the  name changed from Modern Machine & Tool Company to "Cozzoli Machine Company", emphasizing the Cozzoli logo. In 1964 Joesph Cozzoli formed the Company's first sales and marketing organization to market its products worldwide. As one of the earliest companies to develop filling and closing machines, Cozzoli pioneered many innovations including a multifunction machine designed on a common frame, saving valuable floor space and increasing efficiency. This leading technology paved the way for the monoblock concept used today throughout the industry.


MRM/Elgin Corp. traces its beginnings back to Elgin Manufacturing Company, founded in Elgin, Illinois in 1897, and MRM (Machinery Repair and Maintenance), founded in Plainview, New York in the late 1940's. Elgin, acquired by Doboy Industries, Inc. in 1961, was the primary manufacturer of filling equipment for the paint industry. In 1970 the division was moved to a facility in Northern Wisconsin. The Elgin product line featured straight-line fillers for paints, foods, cosmetics and tube filling for adhesives and mastics. In 1971, Doboy acquired MRM. The MRM product lines included rotary piston, time pressure and platform fillers for cosmetics, personal care products, foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. In 1972, MRM was merged with the Elgin Division. The company then became known as MRM-Elgin, Corp.


Joseph M. Cozzoli's son Frank J. Cozzoli became president of CMC in 1980. During his tenure, he broadened the capabilities of Cozzoli Machine Company by acquiring MRM/Elgin and he relocated the company from Plainfield, NJ to Somerset, NJ, expanding the facilities from 40,000 to 100,000 square feet.


Cozzoli Machine Company HeadquatersIn 1983, Cozzoli Machine Company purchased MRM-Elgin from Nordson Corporation, who had acquired Doboy. MRM/Elgin Corp. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cozzoli Machine Company. MRM/Elgin complements the Cozzoli line of equipment and has expanded the company's business into the food, cosmetic and petroleum industries. Today, Cozzoli Machine Company MRM/Elgin currently supplies and services a full product line of precision custom packaging machinery and systems for cleaning, sterilizing, filling and closing applications. It's products are sold to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech, food, chemical and beverage industries.


In 2010, Joan Cozzoli Rooney took over operations as President of Cozzoli Machine Company. Joan worked at CMC for many years starting at an early age. She worked closely with her father, Joseph and her brother, Frank through different areas of the company to learn the business. With her backgrounds in business administration, management and sales and marketing combined with her thorough knowledge of the product line, Joan is well equipped to lead the team at Cozzoli Machine Company MRM/Elgin.


Cozzoli Machine Company MRM/Elgin continues its commitment to excellence, innovation and quality. This is reflected in Cozzoli's global recognition as a leader on the cutting edge of technology in the packaging industry.


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