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VFL Versa-Fil High Speed Time/Pressure Filler

Versa-Fil High Speed Time/Pressure Filler


Functions: Time Pressure Fill

Container movement: continuous

Speed: up to 300 containers/minute

Number of nozzles: 4 - 24

Accuracy: ± 0.5% (most applications)

Container sizes: 3" - 8 1/2" diameter


The Versa-Fil is an accurate high-speed rotary time/pressure filler that is especially well suited to filling heavy viscosity food products like mayonnaise, peanut butter and relish as well as a variety of lighter products. Dual stage fill methods are available.


The Versa-Fil can include from 4 to 24 spouts, with a maximum container diameter from 3.14" to 8.50."  It can be designed to handle fill volumes as small as 5 cc and up to imperial gallons.  All models can be teamed with our Mono-Capper for a synchronized filler/capper combination.

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High Speed Time/Pressure Filling

Versa-Fil 8-head Time/Pressure Filler

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VFL Time/Pressure Filler for Peanut Butter
VFL Time/Pressure Filler with Salad Dressing
VFL Versa-Fil Time/Pressure Filler for Grease

Peanut Butter

Salad Dressing


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