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CM Series High-Speed Rotary Crimping Limited Production

Functions: crimp seal

Container movement: continuous

Speed: up to 400 containers/minute

Closure sizes: 13mm to 32mm

Closures handled: aluminum caps, Production output: Up to 400 Containers per Minute


This high speed rotary crimping machine, model CM200 or CM400, handles stoppered containers with absolute control while it automatically caps and crimp seals aluminum closures at speeds of up to 200 or 400 containers a minute. As capped containers index into position individual triple-roller crimping heads lower and tuck the skirt under with a gentle progressive roll, then raise as finished containers index out.

RS Series Stopperer

RS Series Stopperer


Functions: stoppers

Speed: 100 - 400 containers/minute

Closures handled: conventional, slotted, or fluted stoppers

Stopper movement: intermittent or continuous depending on model

Stopper sizes handled: 13mm, 20mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm



Watch video

Watch video

High Speed Continuous Closing

CM Series High-Speed Rotary Crimping Machine

The RS Series can be furnished with a special stoppering head to handle dispenser plugs, such as those used to restrict the flow of topical solutions. Ideally suited for cleanroom environments, the RS Series offers full insertion and full or partial insertion, depending on the model of stoppers at speeds up to 400 containers/minute.

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