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Community Works

Food Drive

Our employees assist others in the community by contributing food items and monetary donations to the local Franklin Township Food Bank in November. Winter months are especially difficult for needy area families and these donations help provide meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Coat Drive

Cozzoli Machine Company helps support the American Red Cross in our community by donating clean, gently-used coats for needy area families. Winter coats and accessories (hats, scarves, mittens, gloves) are collected in December and proceeds go directly to our local American Red Cross.


Volunteers from our staff at Cozzoli Machine Company help out at charitable organizations such as Elijah's Promise, located in New Brunswick, NJ USA.


There are significant environmental and economic benefits associated with recycling. It reduces the need for new landfills, saves energy, supplies valuable raw materials to industry, adds substantially to the U.S. economy, and helps sustain the environment for future generations. Cozzoli believes that recycling in our community is an important priority and we are actively engaged in this initiative. Every day employees support this program by recycling paper/junk mail, cardboard, metal cuttings and turnings, glass, plastic and metal/aluminum cans.



As global production and population grow while the earth’s natural resources shrink, being environmentally responsible is, now more than ever, just as important as providing efficient, reliable, technologically advanced products and machinery. Cozzoli Machine Company is fully committed to meeting today’s challenges in protecting our environment, reducing waste, and improving our energy systems while responding to increasing demands for faster, better machines and the products these machines help disseminate globally. To this end, our sustainability program minimizes costs, materials, time and energy expended while enabling us to maintain the highest quality standards in our manufacturing of precision built filling and packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food and beverage industries.

Sustainability Program

Solar Energy


We have completed a rooftop solar photovoltaic energy system atop our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. This major solar project was done in partnership with EnterSolar, a provider of premium solar solutions to commercial enterprises. The state-of-the-art 336 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic system features high efficiency solar panels, a non-penetrating racking system, and string-level monitoring capabilities. In addition to immediate and substantial financial savings for Cozzoli, the system provides significant environmental benefits as well. The system’s green electricity will yield environmental benefits equivalent to reducing Cozzoli’s CO2 footprint by over 540,000 lbs. per year, or planting over 63 acres of new trees.



Lighting: Upon installing energy efficient shop lighting electrical consumption dropped by 6%.

Benefits include:

1.  Provide more effective illumination.

2.  Reduce electrical use by 62,400 kWh.

3.  Prevent over 95,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide from being generated -- equivalent to removing approximately 8 cars from the road or planting over 1,110 trees.

Water: We refrain from using water as part of our manufacturing operation.



Among the various energy and water efficient machines we manufacture, our AW (washer) Series stands out as a prime example of Cozzoli’s efforts to conserve. The uniform washing permitted by upright positioning reduces the amount of cleaning media required, and the sanitary reclaim/recirculating system decreases water consumption by up to 80%. Segregated wash stations are designed to prevent cross contamination and resulting waste. Like all Cozzoli machines, the AW Series provides years of reliable, precise, efficient operation.



Our refurbishment program, which allows us to take in and repair/revamp old machines, further assists us in our efforts to preserve the environment while cutting down on costs to customers.


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At Cozzoli, we also offer a variety of environmentally responsible alternatives for our machines, such as the flush in place option available on the RPF and RFL MRM series machines.

Cozzoli is proud of our sustainability program and strives toward improving our company, our community and our planet.



To learn more about our corporate responsibility programs please contact us at 732-564-0400 or email

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