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Our expertise is filling technology, capping and accessory equipment custom designed to your specifications – either as a single unit or multifaceted turnkey operation with total line responsibility.

High Performance Powder Filling Line

Liquid Filling Line


Our Liquid Filling Line is for filling aqueous products into vials and bottles in a sterile pharmaceutical environment. Designed to be versatile, this fully integrated line handles multiple size containers of glass and plastic and varying doses with ease. Stainless steel construction with liquid contact parts of 316L stainless steel and complete automated processing reduce risk for contamination.


The line's functions include unscrambling vials and bottles, checkweighing, filling liquid, closing with stoppers, crimp capping the containers, vision inspecting, and tray loading. The line will fill liquid into containers from 15 ml to 1200 ml, with a line rate of up to 250 containers per minute.

High Performance Powder Filling Line


Cozzoli's Antibiotic Powder Filling Line consists of washing vials, sterilizing and depyrogenating, filling, stoppering, and crimping. The line fills powder from 250 mg to 3.0 gm in single dose. The line is capable of multi dose filling. Batch sizes range from 1750 vials to a maximum 33,000 vials. The required output per hour is 9000 vials of ISO 10R with one shot dosing.


Fully integrated, the Cozzoli Powder Filling Line features easy operation, precise craftsmanship, accuracy, and versatility; ideal for pharmaceutical applications.

Complete Lines

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Watch video

Vial Filling Line


Cozzoli has developed a vial filling line for a top U.S. health agency. Using a state-of-the art Filling and Stoppering Monoblock, glass vials index onto weigh cells for filling biological standards with peristaltic pumps. After stoppering, the vials are sent onto an integrated BT15 trayloader. The filling line uses a single control system and servo controlled motions are utilized throughout the line.


This line features the UT36 Unscrambling Table, the CR200i-CWS Rotary Filling, Check Weigh, and Stoppering Machine, and the BT15 Tray Loader.



Filling Line for Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Industrial Products

Filling Line for Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Industrial Products


This Filling Line is designed for filling liquids of any viscosity, from 1 ounce up to 1 gallon. We offer a variety of fill methods for any application. Capabilities include unscrambling, filling, capping, labeling and accumulating. Each line is customized for your requirements.

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