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Case history F329: This long-term Cozzoli customer has several old machines designed to fill carpules also known as dental cartridges. This customer decided to put the F329 in line to increase their fill accuracies. Read more


Organon: This LF1240S is used by Organon to fill glass and plastic 60cc vials and stopper with 20mm stoppers at speeds up to 350 vials per minute. Read more


DUSA: Dusa Pharmaceutical recently purchased their second FPS1-OS. This unit will be set up in their MA facility or at a second contract site to be used as a backup. Read more


Fort Dodge: Ft. Dodge Animal Health is filling powder and stoppering vials on their new PF4S in a clean room environment.  Read more


Orly International: Orly International is running nail polish into 15 ml containersat speeds of 70 to 80 containers per minute on their Cozzoli Rotary Filler, Plugger & Capper.  Read more


MedPharmex: MedPharmex is washing large plastic and glass vials that will be subsequently filled with injectable veterinary products. This Cozzoli GW24 is washing vials up to 1000 ml. Read more


Avon: Avon Products needed to rebalance products and equipment in their plant (taking a lot out and putting a lot in) and eventually they determined a new filling line was needed for increased capacity.  Read more


Biocor: The Biocor facility in Omaha increased production with their Cozzoli production line. Read more

WHEN JACK SCHRUM needed a machine for high volume glass ampule sealing--he didn’t consider any other companies. He knew that Cozzoli had the capability to do what he wanted. When asked about his experience with Cozzoli’s Customer Service, he answered, “Service has been excellent – we think the world of Sam Alexander, (former technical service manager at Cozzoli.) Service and products are what keep us coming to Cozzoli.”


from an interview with Jack Schrum of Rutgers University and member of ISBER

IN RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION of why they selected Cozzoli to manufacture vial washers for them, Steve Panneta of Alk Abello replied, “We usually choose manufacturers based on experience and reputation. We’ve been doing business with Cozzoli for 25 years, and have had excellent success with them from the beginning. Cozzoli advances their styles and we’ve advanced along with them. We buy a particular piece of equipment; a vial washer—made to order. We haven’t had to research competitors in a very long time; we’ve stuck with Cozzoli because of their exceptional products. We are a repeat customer – third machine over the years – and we are extremely happy.”


from an interview with Steve Panneta of Alk Abello and member of ISPE

Case Studies


Case Study Orly RFPC
Case study Biocor VR840 Line
Case Study Avon LF840

Avon LF840

Biocor VR840 Line


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